Philadelphia Writers Group

Whisper to me what class you’d like to enroll in right now.

Do you want to write what you care about, what you know or what troubles you? Do you want to tell your grandchildren about your childhood, clarify your thoughts about a unique experience or vent about a troubling situation? If so, consider joining the Philadelphia Writers Group.

Philadelphia Writers Group offers classes on writing non-fiction. Consider joining the group if you

  • Want individualized writing coaching.
  • Write for business.
  • Write for a nonprofit.
  • Write personal memoirs, yours or those of other people.
  • Write essays, op eds and other opinion pieces.
  • Want to kick your skills up a notch.

Join other writers in a safe, supportive environment, sharing each other’s prose. Learn, too, as you edit everyone’s submission. Share your work in every session. Hear your words read aloud by someone else. Write for every class because, of course, the only way to succeed is to practice, practice, practice.

Because the sessions never have more than 8 participants, you receive personal attention — individual writing coaching — every time you attend.

Time to write your story


“Susan’s sessions have helped me improve my writing style and content. Susan can gently deliver pointed feedback that ranges from improving grammar and deleting unnecessary content to adding details and providing descriptions. When she is delivering feedback, Susan is also encouraging. I always learn something new from her classes.” Marilyn Dyson

“Your supportive, humorous, but no-nonsense style of teaching gave me a firm sense of what to emphasize, what to downplay, and – most importantly – how to express myself.”
John Shakespeare

“I enjoyed today’s session. I can see it becoming habit forming.”

“You have an amazing ability to offer both constructive editorial criticism and nurturing.”